ZZ Manufacturing, Inc.

What are the shipping charges and do you ship internationally?

United States: $7.00

Canada: $10.00

UK, Japan, Australia, and most of Europe: $19.00


Please note orders weighing less than one pound will be discounted later at the order desk.  This discount will not be reflected in the invoice upon check-out.  Discounted shipping charges will be 30%-50% depending on the shipping destination.

What is the purpose of the Cross Grate?

Use the Cross Grate (111B&C Models) - the two flat metal pieces with slots in the middle. Interlock the pieces so they form an X and put them on top of the burner with the notched corners down. You can now feed long sticks under the pot without lifting the pot during cooking.

How can I make the water boil faster?

Keep the pot covered. Use less water. Use dry, dense wood in small pieces. The Wrap-Around Windshield (111B&C Models) can also help contain and direct the fire.  A quart of water will boil in four minutes.

How well does charcoal work?

Natural charcoal works well and will give a good fire for an extended period. Some charcoal briquettes may need to be broken in half to improve their burning characteristics.

How do I keep the pot clean?

You can use charcoal. If you use wood, the volatiles in the wood will blacken the pot and thereby wonderfully improve the heat absorption capability of the pot. When you get home, you can spray oven cleaner on the stainless steel kettle and it will become like new. Using liquid detergent or an anti-stick material such as PAM also works. Ash from previous fires, slightly dampened and smeared on the pot, will also help to keep the pot clean.

What can I do with cotton balls and petroleum jelly (Vaseline®)?

For a very effective, lightweight firestarter, pack cotton balls with petroleum jelly in 35 mm film containers. To light a fire take out a cotton ball, pull it apart and put it in the stove. Put some light kindling over the cotton and light the cotton.

What if the fan doesn't work?

Be sure the battery spring is keeping a good contact on the battery. It can be bent to provide more pressure on the contact. You might try another battery. You might try cleaning the battery terminals and both ends of the battery. Are any wires shorting out? There have been very few problems with the motor and the motor can probably be ruled out unless:

  • it has been submerged, or
  • the blower has been liberally coated with oven cleaner so as to degrade the bearings, or
  • the stove has been operated with the battery in backwards and the fire has been sucked into the blower unit.
  • small metal tabs on the titanium stove's motor are coming in contact with the base plate, so just lift the wires upward.

Why does the SIERRA work so well?

Fuels burn better with hot air. The air for combustion in the SIERRA is preheated to high temperatures before it enters the burner bowl by circuitous routing within the burner. This gives the good combustion. The air flow has another important function; it cools the burner bowl to assure long life. Under cold conditions, it becomes very important to preheat the cold air coming into the combustion chamber. It may be necessary to use the low speed or cycle the fan on and off to reduce the air flow or to use extra dry wood to get a good fire started.

Is the stove allowed on airplanes?

Yes, the stove is allowed on airlines as long as it is in your checked luggage and not carried on the plane.

Is the stove allowed by the U.S. Forest Service and National Parks?

Both of these organizations consider the Sierra Stove a contained fire and it is allowed anywhere other backpacking stoves are allowed.  However, due to local fire conditions some forest rangers may override this decision and not allow any type of "wood burning" stove.

What if the wood I am using is wet?

Wet wood will still burn with the help of a few fire starters.  With wet wood your fire will generate more smoke.

Will the stove still work without the motor?

Yes the stove still functions in an emergency, but it will not be very effecient.

What is the warranty on the stoves?

There is a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed policy plus a one-year repair or replace warranty.

Can my older model stove with the attached battery be fitted with the blower with the separate power supply box?

This is a service we do not provide but it can be done by those of you who are mechanical and like to tinker.  You can purchase a separate AA power supply in our online store to get you started.