ZZ Manufacturing, Inc.

The EAGLE stove is the ideal solid fuel, family cookout stove. Whether camping, having a backyard barbecue, or enjoying an evening fire outside your RV, the EAGLE will provide a powerful cooking fire, warmth on a cool evening and the enjoyable ambiance of a natural fire. The EAGLE burns wood, charcoal, pine cones or other solid fuels. The EAGLE is intended for outdoor use and is safer than a gas burning stove, providing a "contained fire" where open fires are not permitted. An adjustable speed fan circulates incoming air around the stove walls, preheating the air and creating a blast furnace effect to efficiently burn the fuel. The EAGLE can deliver over 35,000 BTU/hr - enough heat to boil water by the gallon. The adjustable speed fan and damper allow complete control over the heat output of the stove.
A single "D" cell provides over 35 hours of cooking time. Even without the fan, the EAGLE has a strong natural draft to insure excellent burning, making it an excellent disaster preparedness choice. The EAGLE's rugged yet simple design insures years of trouble free use. For daily use applications, the inner liner can be easily replaced.

The EAGLE weighs only 8 lbs and is 12" x 10" x 12" tall.

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The EAGLE stove is a safe and contained way to
teach the precautions and pleasures of a campfire.

The EAGLE comes with a one-year repair or replacement guarantee and a 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee.